Encore Diamond (UK) Ltd the UK's Leading Diamond Tool Specialist

Design & Innovation

Encore Diamond (UK) Ltd has continually demonstrated its capability for innovative design. Applying our specialist knowledge, we have achieved the highest standards of diamond tool design enabling us to supply specialist contractors working on prestigious projects throughout numerous industries.

Quality & Performance

Encore is committed to designing and supplying high quality, high performance diamond tooling required by the specialist user. By using high quality raw materials, investing in development and drawing on our experience, we are maintaining the very high standards that have become expected from Encore’s high performance tools, whether in Metal Bond Diamond, Resin Diamond, Electroplated Diamond, Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), Vacum Brazed Diamond or Granulated Metal Bond Diamond.


We consider our Bespoke Tool Design Service to be one of our foremost attributes and welcome new discussion on tool design, applications and methods. Through working closely with our customers and suppliers we have been able to grow this unparalleled service into an industry leader.

If you would like to discuss your application please contact us.

Dongsing Diaflx

Encore Diamond (UK) is proud to be the exclusive UK & Ireland agent of Dongsin Diaflx Co. Ltd for over 18 years. Dongsin is commonly known as DS around the world and for supplying the highest quality of stone tools in all methods of diamond presentation. In addition to the advance technical capabilities of DS there is an extensive network of technical distributors across Europe, Asia and the Americas that make up the DS family. By working closely and openly with each other we are able continually progress and supply the most technical diamond applications including industries outside of stone.Together we welcome new applications and design.