Industry Leader in Bespoke Diamond Tool Design

We consider our bespoke tool design service to be one of our foremost attributes and welcome new discussion on tool design, applications and methods. Through working closely with our customers and suppliers we have been able to grow this unparalleled service into an industry leader.

Due to the extensive variations in applications for diamond tools, it is no surprise that bespoke tools are a core part of our business. Some of the bespoke tools we design just require modification to an existing tool, but more often we are designing new and innovative products for customers in various industries who are pushing the boundaries and looking to achieve something not seen before.

If you would like to discuss using our bespoke tool service, please do contact us

The drawing below is a bespoke concrete router design for use on remote controlled units grinding excess concrete in drainage systems. 

Bespoke Concrete Router


The two drawings below detail a bespoke edge profile that was broken down into two parts for a restoration application where the contractor needed to recreate the existing exterior profile.


Part 1


Part 2