Health and Safety

Diamond tool safety is paramount to Encore Diamond (UK) Ltd and coincides with our approach to diamond tool design. We look at prevention through using high quality raw materials, implementing our knowledge and experience in our tool design/selection, rigorous product quality checks, by educating our customers in diamond tool safety and tool performance monitoring.

We have given diamond tool safety training to many different companies & organisations in both the private and public sectors. By giving the operator the correct training, we are increasing their ability to diagnose the early signs that are given by a diamond tool before it reaches a critical stage and ultimately preventing injury. If you require any help on diamond tool safety or want to discuss a training session for your operators, please do contact us.

The diamond tool quality, design, operating parameters and selection are all important for diamond tool safety, although we do need to take in to consideration other variables. It is equally important to ensure machines are regularly serviced and kept in their true operating condition. The most frequent reasons for threats to Health & Safety are low build quality, operator error, incorrect tool selection and poorly maintained machines, which forces the tool to perform out of the parameters it was designed for.

With the correct tool, advice and approach we can prevent unnecessary accidents and injury.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss, please do contact us.