Manufacturing construction and stone industry tools in the UK

10th June 2015

The UK Construction Industry Is Not Dead

Whilst the construction and UK industry in general have been in decline in recent years, Encore Diamond have been able to grow, thanks to the unique, and bespoke nature of our design and manufacturing process, and our ability to work closely with customers in the construction industry, to produce high quality and high performance diamond tooling.

Encore's flagship blade is the EDC.2, offering an unrivalled level of performance for concrete cutting. The EDC.2 can handle all levels of concrete, from reinforced to medium abrasive. Available in six diameters, six segment specs, and 2 bore sizes, it covers any concrete cutting application.

Our tools are manufactured using metal bond diamond, resin diamond, electroplated diamond, polycrystalline diamond, vacuum brazed diamond and granulated metal diamond. From our extensive range of Stone and Construction industry blades, you will find the product to match your specification, or can of course contact us for more bespoke requirements.

If you have any question do contact us.